putting on the headset

1. Put on the headset as shown. Make sure the forehead sensor located under the colored rings is positioned above your left eye, flat against your forehead, with no hair between your skin and the sensor.

2. Use the buckle on the back of the headset to adjust for a snug fit.

3. Attach the ear clips to each ear lobe so the metal sensors are flat against your skin.

4. While sitting as still as you can, turn on the headset — the headset's red Power Light will come on.

two players

If two people are playing, the first player should put on the headset marked "1" and the second player should put on the headset marked "2," both following the steps described above.

turning on the console

1. Position yourself at the end of the console labeled with an orange "1" (Player One's side) and turn on the console.

2. When the console says "Select Game," press the TOGGLE button until you hear "Freestyle."

3. Press the ENTER button to confirm your choice of "Freestyle." The fan nozzle - called the "puck" - will calibrate and move to Player One's side of the console.

4. It may take a few seconds for the console to communicate with the headset. Just remain still until it does so. Once a connection is established, the console will say, "Ready - begin."

raising the ball (high concentration)

The higher your concentration, the higher the ball will float.

lowering the ball (low concentration)

By relaxing your concentration, the ball will descend

Moving the ball forward or backwards (toggle button)

To move the ball — and the puck — forward or backward along the console, press either end of the TOGGLE button.