Mindflex Duel makes that dream a reality!

Utilizing advanced Mindflex Duel technology, the wireless headset reads your brainwave activity. Concentrate...and the ball rises on a cushion of air! Relax...and the ball descends. It's literally mind over matter!

mind vs. mind

Face off against another player in a mental shoving match! Use the power of your thoughts to force the ball into your opponent's end zone to win!


1 Console

2 Headsets

4 Balls

1 Flex Tower (3 Rings)

1 Verti-Wheel

1 Tilt-a-Wall

1 Flip Frame

1 Cannon

1 Basket

1 Instruction Booklet

* Requires 4 'C' alkaline batteries for console and 3 'AAA' alkaline batteries for each headset (Not Included).